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THE PROSPECT STUDIOS has long been a home to the creators of film and television productions. Its heritage dates back to the beginning of the film industry in the early 1900s.

Opening in 1915 as THE VITAGRAPH STUDIO, the original silent film plant included two daylight film stages, support buildings and many exterior film sets. In 1925, Vitagraph's founder Albert Smith sold the company to the Warner brothers. In 1927, the facility became THE WARNER EAST HOLLYWOOD ANNEX and was used for many large-scale films. In the 1930s and '40s Warner Bros. continued to shoot on the Lot using large water tanks, ship and backlot sets.

In 1948, the property was sold to the newly formed AMERICAN BROADCASTING COMPANY, and the film Lot was transitioned into the new world of television as the ABC TELEVISION CENTER. ABC also relocated its local TV Station KECA-TV (later KABC-7) to the property. As the ABC Television Center, the Studio evolved into a network transmission center, as well as the home of many successful and long-running TV series. In 1984, ABC coordinated worldwide coverage of the Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games from the Lot.

In 1996, ABC became part of THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY, the origins of which trace back to its first Studio in Silver Lake. As the television and film industry entered the next millennium, the Lot was renamed THE PROSPECT STUDIOS. In 2002, the property underwent a major renovation to position its facilities for the future and new technical innovation.

The Prospect Studios, located in the Silver Lake section of Los Angeles, continues to serve as a home for several television productions. Daytime television's award-winning soap opera, General Hospital, started production in 1963 at the Studio Lot which was formerly known as ABC Television Center. The current production roster includes Grey's Anatomy, now in their sixth season.

As you will see throughout our website, The Prospect Studios offers a full range of support departments that include production, post production and broadcast services. Please contact us with any questions, comments or to see if we can assist with your next project.