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Our Transportation Department offers a large inventory of vehicles and a range of professional services. We are fully compliant with U.S. DOT and CHP regulations, and have on-site fueling with freeway access.

  • Sedans
  • Station Wagons
  • Mini Vans
  • Maxi Vans (15 passenger)
  • Luxury Sedans (domestic)
  • Luxury Sedans (foreign)
  • People Mover (24 passenger)

Mini Vans, Maxi Vans, People Movers

  • One-ton cube van
  • One-ton panel van
  • One-ton crew cab stakebed w/liftgate
  • One-ton heavy-duty stakebed w/liftgate
  • Five-ton w/liftgate
  • Five-ton stakebed w/liftgate
  • Five-ton camera truck w/liftgate and generator
  • Five-ton crew cab w/liftgate
  • 10-ton w/liftgate and generator
  • 2-axle tractor (diesel & automatic)
  • 3-axle tractor (diesel & automatic)
  • Fuel truck

Five-Tons Vans 2-Axle Tractors 3-Axle Tractors
Stakebed Trucks

  • 24' camera trailer
  • One car trailer
  • Three car trailer
  • 35' lowbed stakebed trailer
  • 40' flatbed stakebed w/liftgate
  • 48' van trailer w/liftgate and generator (102" wide)
  • 48' wardrobe semi-trailer w/generator
  • 40' 5th wheel wardrobe trailer w/generator
  • 30' make-up trailer w/generator
  • 29' star trailer w/generator and make-up station
  • 33' 5th wheel star trailer w/generator
  • Two-room stage cast trailer
  • Two-room star trailer w/generator
  • Schoolroom trailer
Production Trailers