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Digital Services

Provides digital 2D image manipulation and enhancement including compositing, wire, rig & object removal and simple digital "opticals" including dissolves, fades, blowups, skips and slo-mo's. IMAGICA 2k/4k scanning including 2000' reels as well as ARRI laser recording is featured at the facility.

Title Graphics

Two staff title designers conceive, create and produce Main and end titles. Production can be completed in house or utilizing client's external resources. Digital typesetting and pre-visualization services are also available.

B&W Film Lab

An in-house film laboratory specializes in optical sound track negative developing as well as Hi Con film processing. Registered contact 35mm interpositives are also printed.

Optical Soundtrack

The best kept secret in the industry!

We offer fast turn around, competitive rates, Quad format REAL-TIME cameras, plus on lot developing and QC with highly skilled staff. This winning combination has produced stunning results on such high profile projects as "Pearl Harbor," "Star Wars Episode I,II & III," "Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, & III," "Cars," "National Treasure I &II," "Ratatouille," among many others.

Have questions? Need answers NOW!
Page Mike Vigil, Camera & QC operations Supervisor @ 818-560-1440


  • Turn around time: 6-8 hours per track developed / delivered (based on footage)
  • Flexible Hours to meet your post production needs.
  • Competitive rates: Call 818-560-1440 for custom quote.
  • Normal (Silver) High Magenta or Cyan negs available. We use 100% Kodak pan chromatic negative stock.
  • TWO 35mm Quad format REAL TIME custom cameras! SR-SR-D-SDDS-DTS, all 4 formats shot at the same time (90 ft per min.)
  • Latest NU-OPTIX Analog recording electronics for SR.
  • Custom light valves by John Fox.
  • Super Drum / Narrow slit technology to rival 1/2 speed recordings.
  • SDDS digital transfers via Pro-tools, AKAI DD-8, DA-88 or analog via nVision.
  • Latest SR-D upgrades/MO drives and software for EC-10/11 compatibility.
  • On lot developing of your track neg. Highly modified Treise deep tank developer, 120fpm, digital replenishment control, silver recovery system, custom BVI soup for excellent consistency / High contrast / low base fog from neg to neg!
  • Dolby MO cloning available.
  • DTS "One off's"
  • Delivery to your lab or neg cutter of choice when work is complete.

In addition, our on lot QC projection rooms are available for evaluating your answer prints and resolving all technical issues so you are 100% satisfied with the results.

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