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Stage C features superb acoustics, an all digital twin tower AMS Neve DFCconsole, (2) Digidesign Command 8 consoles and over 350 channels of ProToolsall fiber channel connected to 7 TB of local storage. The finest pictureplayback including the capability to handle D-Cinema using the ChristieCP-2000H Hi-Def D-Cinema 2K Projector. Our top talent and exceptionalacoustics make this a world-class facility which provides the perfectcreative environment for re-recording whether it's for full length featurefilms, direct to Home video projects or Television series work.

Specifications for Stage C

Stage Dimensions:   40' x 35'
Screen Dimensions:   28' x 12'
Projector Throw:   35'

  • Dual Tower AMS Neve Digital Film Console with 96 channel strips and 500 digital inputs.
  • Pro Tools® HD192 Recorder (48 tracks) with 10.5 TB RAID storage.
  • (6) 48 ch Pro Tools® HD192 playback systems (KVM matrixed to stage).
  • (2) Pro Tools® HD192 systems for plug-ins.
  • Soundmaster ION® Machine Control System.
  • 16x8 KVM routing matrix for access to computers from 8 locations.
  • (5) Custom JBL 3-way screen speakers.
  • (3) JBL subwoofers.
  • (6) Surround speakers (mono, LS & RS or Dolby® EX).
  • Outboard equipment includes: Cedar, Junger, Behringer, TC, Lexicon and Pro Tools® plug-ins.
  • Dolby® DMU for print mastering.
  • Christie CP-2000H Hi-Def D-Cinema 2K projector.
  • Virtual VTR HiDef video playback.
  • QuBit® HiDef video playback.
  • DVD-R/+R recorder/player.
  • 50" Plasma HiDef TV monitor.
  • 42" Plasma HiDef TV monitor.
  • Tape-based video available by request.
  • Attached Producer's office with window to stage.
  • (4) Home theater style motorized recliner chairs.
  • Adjacent Editorial room with hookups for 3 stage kits and KVM extenders to stage.
  • Internet connections (wired & WiFi).
  • Kitchen on the stage.
Other analog and digital formats available upon request.

Assortment of analog & digital outboard signal processing gear.

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