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Our Ranch team is here to assist you with your project and is committed to making your visit a success.


Ranch Booking:
Thamra O'Kray & Jon Wearley 661-259-8717 (Tel), 661-287-3362 (Fax)
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Location Surveys:
Thamra O'Kray & Jon Wearley 661-259-8717 (Tel), 661-287-3362 (Fax)
Steve Sligh, Ranch Manager, 661-259-8717 (Tel), 661-287-3362 (Fax)

Located in the nearby Santa Clarita Valley: 19802 Placerita Canyon Road, Newhall, CA 91321
Directions to Ranch

Site map with five regions:
  • Central
  • Placerita Creek
  • Lake
  • Canyon
  • Bottom


Contract Insurance Requirements
  • $2 Million General Liability
  • $2 Million Auto Liability
  • $1 Million Workers Compensation
  • Additional Insured: The Walt Disney Co. and All Affiliated and Related Companies and The Golden Oak Ranch Properties.

    Special Wording required on the certificate: "Waiver of Subrogation" and "Insurance is Primary and Non-contributory."

    Rules, Procedures, & Guidelines

    1. Production companies must be fully self- contained. No services are provided at the Ranch, i.e. rest rooms, electrical power, etc. FILM LA PERMIT REQUIRED.

    2. The Ranch operating hours, excluding live shoot days, are from 6 AM to 6 PM (April through October) - 6 AM to 5 PM (November through March). The Ranch is closed on weekends. If an occasion arises when access to the Ranch is necessary other than these specified hours, the Ranch Manager* must be contacted in advance. Failure to do so will result in gate entry denial. This is done as a security measure. Licensor reserves the right to assign Ranch personnel to night shoots and weekend shoots at a cost to be determined by Licensor.

    3. Delivery of equipment, trucks, sets, etc., may not precede the first contractual day. Any variation from this must be arranged, in advance with the Ranch Coordinator** or Ranch Manager.

    4. Security Officers used in conjunction with production in any manner must be in compliance with the California State Standards and possess required documentation on their person and display it when requested. Crew members may not be used as Security Officers.

    5. All trash generated by production companies must be cleared away and lawfully removed from Ranch premises. The Ranch trash dumpsters are for Ranch use only.

    6. The following items are not available for use:
    a. Ranch livestock.
    b. Swimming pool.

    7. All crew and/or personal vehicles must be parked in the “Crew Parking Area” only, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Ranch Manager.

    8. Production vehicles are not allowed on the grass areas and must stay on maintained roads.

    9. The speed limit on Ranch roads is 15 M.P.H.

    10. No friends, family or personal pets (including dogs) are allowed on the Ranch, only those listed on the call sheet. There are no exceptions to this rule unless granted by Ranch management in advance of the shoot day(s).

    11. Production use of livestock and/or exotic animals requires 24 hour notice to the Ranch Manager.

    12. All persons associated with production are to stay in the area rented by the production company. Hiking, touring, foot traffic or sightseeing is prohibited. Production is responsible for providing shuttle vehicles for the crew.

    13. Sets do not always conform to general construction guidelines. Licensee is responsible for inspecting and determining if the set construction is suitable for the intended use. The Ranch does not maintain most sets and is not responsible for their condition.

    14. Ranch telephone numbers are not to be used as contact numbers on call sheets; production must provide their own contact telephone numbers.

    15. Children are not allowed on the premises unless the child is a cast member with a work permit and accompanied by a welfare worker/teacher. Children under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

    16. Smoking is restricted based upon weather conditions.

    17. Drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on Ranch property.

    18. The use of tumbleweeds, cattail, Oleanders, Pennisetum and Bermuda grasses or lily pads is not allowed on the Ranch premises.

    19. No chemicals of any kind may be added to the lakes or creeks. Any chemicals added to Ranch foliage, must be approved in advance by Ranch Manager.

    20. Oak trees are protected by state law and the ground beneath them is limited to foot traffic only. Nailing to or trimming of any of the Ranch trees is prohibited. Tying anything to the trees must be approved in advance by Ranch Manager.

    21. Use of Ranch electricity or water is not allowed without prior approval of Ranch Manager. The Ranch water is not potable.

    22. The Golden Oak Ranch is located in a wilderness area and portions lie within a National Forest. As a wilderness area, the terrain of the Premises includes holes, rocks, hills, and hazardous vegetation, such as poison oak and sumac. In addition, wildlife such as rattlesnakes, bobcats, and mountain lions frequent the region in which the Premises are situated. Entry is at your own risk.

    23. The Golden Oak Ranch recognizes a standard live action work day as 14 hours. Productions working in excess of a 14 hour period, but less than a 20 hour period will be charged incremental overtime rates. Productions combining prep or strike work with shoot work which exceeds a 20 hour period in any given day, or that rolls over to another day, will be charged a prep or strike day in additions to a shoot day. Productions shooting in excess of a 20 hour period, usually involving but not limited to first and second units, will be charged an additional shoot day. The Ranch must be notified in advance if extended hours are anticipated.

    *Ranch Manager – Steve Sligh (661) 259-8717
    **Ranch Coordinators – Tami O’Kray & Jon Wearley (661) 259-8717